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Cultural Awareness

Indigenous Special Services:
Construction, Infrastructure & Urban Design

‘Country’ it is said with emphasis as its meaning is special. Culture, nature and land are all linked and this connection is based on distinct traditions and lore’s. Country takes in everything within the landscape – all land forms, water, the air we breathe, trees, rocks, plants, animals, medicines, minerals, stories and special places. Community connections include cultural practices, knowledge, songs, stories and art, as well as all people: past, present and future.


When we look back at the history of Aboriginal Australia, where we have come from and where we are now, it is imperative that we adapt a focus on cultural re-construction, through government and industry to build a better relationship and encourage progressive engagement practises which involve and support us for the betterment of Australia as a whole, where cultural diversity is accepted practice and Aboriginal people are valued and engaged.


We at IES have a deep understanding and respect for all things relating to Aboriginal peoples aspirations, the land and all waters. IES Cultural Heritage through our contractual obligations, address’s the regulatory compliance requirements of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972, the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 1974 and the Noongar Standard Heritage Agreement on all civil and construction sites, by engaging the appropriate Traditional Owners in negotiation, consultation and monitoring.

Our Aboriginal Specialist Services include:

- Meet the recommendations and advice from completing Section 18 requirements. -

Introduction to the Traditional Owners

- Facilitation, meeting attendance, planning, evaluation & reports.

- Link to and Introductions; SWALSC, WWP, NCCI, IBA, Aboriginal business & Network events, Supply Nation & local community groups. - Urban design/cultural heritage practices

- Cultural heritage / infrastructure, construction projects

- Cultural Heritage & Environmental Management Plans

- Aboriginal Engagement Strategies and Participation Plans

- Cultural Awareness Training - Smoking Ceremony

- Sand Casting Ceremony

Section 18 Monitoring

IES offers a full range of services to meet the needs of clients whose areas of business are impacted by  the  Aboriginal Heritage Act & the Noongar standard heritage agreement.


These services include:

- The provision of education and training in all areas of the Aboriginal Heritage Act

- The Provision of reports required under Section 18

- The negotiation and mediation of land use agreements (ILUA’s) with Traditional Owners

- Liaison with site contract manager and anthropologists

- The provision of Traditional Owners for onsite monitoring services.


IES manages client risk by providing Aboriginal monitors who:             

- Meet all site safety requirements             

- Have all personal protective/safety equipment and attire             

- Have monitoring kits that includes all the tools required             

- Have undergone training and are competent in the duties of monitoring and reporting requirements             

- Complete client reporting requirements including JSA’s prior to commencement and during daily operations

Cross Cultural Awareness

IES has a number of accomplished public speakers and Noongar Whadjuk Elders who are regular deliverers of Cross Cultural Awareness (CCA) Training, ‘Welcome to Country’ presentations and Smoking Ceremonies. CCA Training is usually presented over a period of 3 - 7 hours.


Topics include:

- A Welcome to Country (performed by an appropriate elder for the region), what it means and why it is necessary

- Aboriginal history and recent developments

- Impact of government policy on culture and Aboriginal communities

- Native title and Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act

- Identity and ways of life, body language and behaviour

- Aboriginal traditional customs and beliefs and the Kinship system

- Spirituality for Aboriginal Australians

- Biodiversity and Bush Medicine

- Death and the influences on community

- Working together for the future IES will tailor the program and topics to be delivered to meet each client’s specific compliance requirements.

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